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We are seeking volunteers to help us plan for the upcoming Career Exploration Series Programs in
2014 and 2015. If you are interested in volunteering (see expertise needed below), please call (202)
904-1380, or email

Volunteer Needs
CES Volunteers contribute their time and talent before, during, and after the event in the following

1. Community Partnerships: Recommend potential community partners whose mission complement
the Career Exploration Series, conduct outreach to potential and existing community partners, and
conduct orientation for confirmed partners prior to the CES.
Evaluations: Distribute and collect event surveys from students, speakers, and volunteers during the
event. Follow-up with attendees after the CES.
Greeters: Welcome attendees, including students, speakers, community partners, and special guests
during the event.
Liaison: Serves as a liaison between the CES planning team and venue (junior high schools and high
schools), where current and future CES programming occurs.
Logistics: Trouble-shoot and problem solve, and provide general assistance during the event.
Marketing & Public Relations: Raise awareness about the CES to local, regional, and national
media, including print, television, radio, and online (i.e., bloggers who write about youth, education, and
careers) before and after the event.
Management: Assist the CES founder with the overall management of the CES, including senior-
level administrative tasks, chronicling proceedings during the CES planning meetings, communicating
on behalf of the founder with planning team members, conducting research and outreach to internal
and external constituents, and executing tasks related to the CES program.
Networking Lunch: Set up and manage the networking lunch for students, working in conjunction
with the Networking Lunch sponsor, during the CES.
Program: Assist in the overall program planning and management, including speaker recruitment,
logistics, venue layout, research, follow-up with external constituents, and related tasks.
Recorders: Record proceedings during the Opening Plenary, Breakout Session #1 (SWITCH!),
Breakout Session #2 (All About Resumes), Financial Planning Workshop, and the Closing Plenary.
Registration: Check in students, speakers, volunteers, and special guests in the registration area
during the event.
Speakers/Facilitators: Provide general assistance to the speakers, facilitators, and special guests
involved in the CES program.
Special Guests: Provide general assistance to special guests, including local elected officials and
celebrities, during the event.
Sponsorship: Recommend, recruit, and retain potential national and local CES sponsors, including
issuance of approved sponsorship invitation letters, conveying benefits, conducting follow-up to
confirmed sponsors, and ensuring that the CES planning team communicates efficiently with the
sponsors before, during, and after the event.
Technology: Manage the technology needs for the CES before, during, and after the event,
including arranging the set-up and operation of onsite needs, such as laptops, projectors, technical
capabilities of the venues, and obtaining speakers' presentations (prior to the event) and formatting
them to align with the CES brand.

CES Volunteers at St. Martin de Porres: If you did not complete a Volunteer Evaluation, please click
here to download it. Please return it by fax to (775) 552-9024, or email to Ms. Denise Nash, CES
Volunteer Coordinator. Thank you!

Email Ms. Nash, CES Volunteer Coordinator, to register as a volunteer for the Career Exploration Series.
You may also call (202) 904-1380. Thank you for your interest in volunteering!

To view a list of frequently asked questions about volunteering for the CES, go to www.ksgsc.
com/cesvolunteerfaq. For a list of general questions about the Career Exploration Series, visit www.

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