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See the list of frequently asked questions about the CES below, which is regularly updated.

1. What exactly is the Career Exploration Series?
The Career Exploration Series is a national youth career program under the aegis of Career
Connect USA - a workforce development initiative sponsored by our parent company, KSG
Strategic Consulting. Known as Career Day on Steroids, the CES is unlike any traditional "career
day." What makes it unique:

SWITCH! Breakout: Students rotate among three different professionals (based on their survey responses
before the program), who share day-to-day activities in the workplace, provide an opportunity for students to
see and touch tools, equipment and instruments used to perform their jobs, such as a stethoscope, computer,
food preparation items, financial worksheets. Facilitators also talk about ethical issues and interpersonal
challenges, and how they can be resolved, in the workplace.

All About Resumes Breakout: During this breakout session, students learn about resumes, including the
different sections and information to include, how to write a resume for internships, college applications, and
their first jobs. This breakout is facilitated by human resources, recruitment, and hiring professionals.

Financial Planning Workshop: This age-appropriate workshop teaches students how to budget, establish
checking accounts, and save money.

Networking Lunch: Sponsored by a national restaurant chain, students will dine and network with speakers
during the CES program. In addition to providing youth with an opportunity to talk with leaders in various
professions, they learn corporate dining etiquette.

Closing Plenary: The closing plenary shares best practices with students on crafting their own career

View the
final program schedule for the Career Exploration Series program, which was held on Friday, May 2,
2014 at St. Martin de Porres.

2. Who can attend the Career Exploration Series programs?
The Career Exploration Series is intended for junior high (7th and 8th grade) and high school (9th, 10th, 11th,
and 12th grade) students. Participants are current students at the schools where the CES is held, and
therefore, is closed to students from other schools. For example, all student participants at the CES in May
2014 are 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students at St. Martin de Porres Catholic School.

3. How can my child participate in the Career Exploration Series?
We would love to host the Career Exploration Series! Over the next year, we will host the program in
Philadelphia, PA (national launch); Athens, GA; and, Oxon Hill, MD. If you would like us to come to your child's
school, or if you are a school administrator who would like to host the CES,
contact us.

The Career Exploration Series is held at public, private, Catholic, and Charter Schools. A special program for
junior and high school students who attend school online launches in 2015.

4. Are adults able to attend the program?
The Career Exploration Series is intended to prepare junior and high school students for their careers. Parents
of students at the schools at which a CES program is held are always asked to volunteer during the event, or
recommend potential sponsors and partners. Information on volunteering is individually crafted for each
school and shared with parents through school administrators.

If you are an adult who is interested in Career Connect USA programs and services
take a look at our

5. How can my organization become a partner?
We welcome national and local partners to help us deliver stellar programs. Feel free to contact us for more
information about potentially becoming a partner for Career Connect USA and the Career Exploration Series.

6. My business or company would like to become a sponsor. Whom should I contact?
We offer the Career Exploration Series free of charge for all schools. In order to deliver this unique program,
we engage the assistance of companies and organizations to defray costs associated with hosting the
program (currently $88.00 per student). A bevy of sponsor benefits make it a mutually beneficial opportunity.

Contact us
for more information, including sponsorship levels and benefits.

7. I'm a member of the media who would like to cover the Career Exploration Series.
Whom should I contact?
If you would like to request an interview, the media kit, or cover an upcoming CES program, contact our
Media Relations Manager.

8. I would like to volunteer for the Career Exploration Series. Whom should I contact?
Most of our volunteers are affiliated with the school where the CES is hosted, sponsors, and partners,
however, limited volunteer opportunities are available before, during, and after each CES program.
our Volunteer Coordinator, Ms. Hall, for more information. Go to the CES Volunteers page for more
information, including frequently asked questions for potential volunteers.

9. Do you offer other career programs?
Career Connect USA offers adult and youth career programs. Our signature youth programs include the
Wealth & Wellness Summit (for college students), the Career Exploration Series (junior and high school
students), and STEM Lab (co-ed and girls' STEM mentor program for students in 1st through 6th grade -
launches in 2015).

Do you have a question that was not covered in our Frequently Asked Questions section?
Contact us and we
will respond promptly.

Last revised on 5/2/2014

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