What is Career Connect USA?
Originally an online job fair in 2005, Career Connect USA has evolved into a comprehensive career development program,
including seminars, innovative programs, and networking events to encourage proactive and strategic career management.
CCUSA also hosts two online career fairs each year, and posts the #DailyJobOpp on social media. These select career
opportunities are for entry, mid-level, and senior positions in the Washington, DC area. Additional cities will be added in
spring 2014.

Our national career development program for college students, which launched in 2012 at Howard University in
Washington, DC. The purpose of the summit is to illustrate the relationship between the ability to create wealth (job
preparation, entrepreneurship, debt reduction) and maintain optimal health (physical, emotional, and spiritual).

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Highlights from the 2012 Summit
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Opening Plenary Session
Washington, DC
Summit Program download it now

Insight from the U.S. Equal Opportunity
Commission, Dress for Success-Washington, DC,
and Young Invincibles
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How to start your own business by summit
panelist Carl E. Brown, Jr., Executive Director,
Center for Minority Business Development,
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