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We are seeking volunteers to help us plan for the upcoming Career Exploration Series Programs in
2014 and 2015. If you are interested in volunteering (see expertise needed below), please call (202)
904-1380, or email


1. Do I have to pre-register to volunteer, or can I show up on the day of the event?
ANSWER: Due to security requirements at the school and preparation for the event, all volunteers
must register prior to the program, and participate in one of the Volunteer Preparation Calls.

2. I have friends who would like to volunteer. Are they able to volunteer, too?
ANSWER: We welcome all volunteers. Ask anyone you know who is interested in volunteering to
contact the
CES Volunteer Coordinator, call (202) 904-1380, or Tweet us @CESProgram.

3. If I volunteer, what would I do during the event?
ANSWER: There are several volunteer needs, including Student Registration, Networking Lunch,
Logistics, Speakers/Moderators/Facilitators, Media & Public Relations, Evaluations, Giveaways,
Volunteers, and Greeters. Simply indicate your preferences on your Volunteer Interest Form.

4. What do I need to bring with me on the day of the event?
ANSWER: You must bring your copy of the Volunteer Confirmation form, which will be emailed to you
once we receive and process your Volunteer Interest Form. You will also need to show a government
issued photo identification, such as a current driver’s license or student ID when you check-in on the
day of the event.

5. Is parking available?
ANSWER: Free street parking is available in front of and across the street from the school (residential).
Be sure to observe any parking signs that prohibit or limit parking time. The CES planning team is not
responsible for fees associated with program participants who park illegally.

6. I am taking SEPTA, where is the closest stop?
ANSWER: You may take the Local Broadway subway line to the North Philadelphia station (Broad &
Lehigh Streets), and take SEPTA – bus route 54 going toward 33-Dauphin - to the 2300 block of West
Lehigh Avenue. To get information, including fares, contact SEPTA directly by calling (215) 580-7800.

7. What time should I arrive on the day of the event?
ANSWER: Unless notified otherwise, all volunteers are asked to arrive at St. Martin de Porres by 7:30
a.m. on the day of the program. If you are unable to arrive by that time, let the Volunteer Coordinator
know ASAP, so that we can try to utilize your talents elsewhere.

8. What if the schedule changes? How will I know?
ANSWER: Updates are regularly posted on the website. We will also share updates and the latest
developments on our social media pages:

Please be sure that we have accurate information for you, as we will also call or text (standard rates
apply) volunteers with important and time-sensitive updates.

9. What if I have an emergency and cannot volunteer during the program?
ANSWER: Contact the Volunteer Coordinator as soon as you know you will be unable to volunteer.
Email the CES Volunteer Coordinator or call (202) 904-1380.

For a list of general questions about the Career Exploration Series, visit

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