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Highlights from the National Launch of the Career Exploration Series in Philadelphia, PA
at St. Martin de Porres Catholic School. All photos are posted on our
Facebook page.

Photos by Three Angels Photography, unless otherwise noted. Visit Three Angels Photography on Facebook.
NBA legend and former Philadelphia 76ers teammate, Ollie Johnson, surprises
students with Sixers swag after his breakout session on careers in sports.
Closing Plenary Speakers discussing youth Career Action Planning.
Left to right: Paul Roden, LaSalle University, Shirley Grass, Drexel University,
Tanisha Hopson, Optimal Living Magazine, and Natosha R. Warner, FBI.
Sergeant Major (Ret.) Young, of SAIC,
checking in at Speakers' Registration.
Volunteers checking in St. Martin de Porres 6th, 7th, and 8th grade
students during the CES on May 2nd.
More than 100 students get ready for the CES program to begin in the auditorium
of St Martin de Porres.
Eugene George, E.G. Educational
Services, LLC, with Jackie
Goodbar-Beamon, who presented the
Financial Planning Workshop.
Sister Nancy Fitzgerald, SSJ, Principal of St.
Martin de Porres, welcomes the Career
Exploration Series to the school.
Father Stephen Thorne, Pastor of St. Martin
de Porres, brings greetings.
Stacy Shields, Esq., Moody Shields Law Group,
leads a mock trial during the breakout.
Zina Johnson, owner of Hair 4 U, shares
entrepreneurship tips with students.
Garry Cobb, NFL legend and former Philadelphia Eagle, signs autographs for
students after his presentation on careers in sports.
Johnny Graham, Graham and Peters, during his marketing
workshop. Photo credit: KSG Strategic Consulting/Career
Connect USA
ABOVE: CES Community Partners, The Continental Societies, Inc.
- Metropolitan and Philadelphia Chapters.
President Lynda Tapper Smith, Philadelphia Chapter,far right.

BELOW: Resume Breakout led by Shirley Grass and Paul Roden
Chef Tony Lawrence, A Chef for You,
LLC, during his breakout session.
Dr. Courtney Bethel, Emergency Room
Physician, on careers in medicine.
Philadelphia Police Officer, Shanna Moore,
talks about making the right choices.
Photo credit: KSG Strategic
Consulting/Career Connect USA
Keith Benn, Senior Sales Executive, at
OxyChem, shows students product

Sister Nancy
Fitzgerald, SSJ,
(far right)
and St. Martin
de Porres
6th, 7th,
and 8th
A national youth initiative that prepares tomorrow's workforce today, the Career Exploration
Series is an innovative and unique program designed for middle and high school students. It's

CareerDayOnSteroids. View the CES program schedule, or click here to read the CES Fact Sheet.