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Check out photos from Career P.O.P. (Pursuing Opportunities with a Passion) in
Martha's Vineyard on Saturday, August 9, 2014. Click
here to view the flyer,
view the Media Advisory about the event.

Following are a few images from the event. All of the official photos are posted
on our Career Connect USA
Facebook page. Join our news list to get info about
Career P.O.P. MV in 2015.

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Career P.O.P. MV Speakers (l-r): Dr. K. Bernard Chase, CEO of Chase Family Dental; Kesi
Stribling, Chief Strategist of
KSG Strategic Consulting & founder of Career P.O.P.; Erin Horne
McKinney, Tech and Innovation Sector Manager for the
District of Columbia; Cheryl Gentry,
President of
Glow Media; Andrea Hodge, JP Morgan Chase; and Jesse Hayes, Hayes Design
Chris Washington, President of the Howard
University Alumni Association, gives remarks at the
start of the program.
Moderator, Erin Horne McKinney, Tech and
Innovation Sector Manager for the District of
Columbia, looks on as panelist, Dr. K. Bernard Chase,
Chase Family Dental in Maryland, shares insight.
Small Group Mentoring breakout session to answer
career questions and lend insight to participants.
Andrea Hodge, Vice President at JP Morgan Chase,
details the three types of thinking managers should