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KSG Strategic Consulting
Improve Promote Sustain Your Business
Strategic Planning,
Operations Improvement, &
Management Consulting
Conducting a strategic planning session
for a DC area association

RESULTS: A clear call to action for board
members, blueprint for implementing key
areas of improvement, and feedback and
participation by the Young Professionals'
Who We Are & What We Do
Marketing & Communications
Advisement on creating, implementing
and assessing marketing and public
relations campaigns, and corporate

RESULTS: Increased awareness about the
company, organization, or initiative. In
this instance, raising awareness about
programs for women entrepreneurs.
Workforce Development & Training
Provide training for entrepreneurs, managers, staff, and volunteers. Individual, small
group, and large group training is provided on topics including staff development,
human resources, soft skills, corporate transition and career development.

RESULTS: A better, more equipped team that effectively communicates, positively
influences positive corporate culture, and identifies and enhances professional and
interpersonal skills.
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Our core values: Integrity, professionalism, and commitment to excellence.

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