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Career Connect Initiative Launches Career Program
for College Students

The inaugural Wealth & Wellness Summit, held on September 27, 2012 on the campus
of Howard University in Washington, DC, drew almost 100 students who learned the
importance and relationship between having the ability to generate wealth, and
maintaining optimal physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Summit sponsors included the Howard University CEDAR Center (Career Services),
Walgreens, WHBC Radio Station, the American Heart Association - Greater Washington
Region, International Minority Affairs Cooperative, Optimal Living Magazine, 5 Hour
Energy, and Honest Tea. Community partners included the Assembly of Petworth and
Dance Trance DC.
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International Visitor Leadership Program
We presented a talk on Women & Entrepreneurship for new and established business
owners, representing 20 countries, during the program hosted by the U.S. State
Department and Phelps Stokes.
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